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Thursday, July 18, 2019

College Ministers and Social Media/Technology

Ryan Scantling did an excellent presentation on Social Media and Technology at the College Ministers Fellowship in Oxford.  Here are some highlights from it.

KILLING THE INSTAGRAM GAME IN COLLEGE MINISTRY (7 Rules for Instagram in College Ministry):

Instagram is not the place to feature your annuncement slides.  People go there to interact with people.  So, post pictures with people in them.

Comment on your students' stuff with your ministry account.  Comment on your University's posts
Gain followers through HASHTAGS.
Find out what events are on campus or what hashtag incoming freshmen are using.  Follow people who use that hashtag and they often follow you back.

This is a great place to put announcements or repost things from your students.

Share pictures you take at your meetings and tag them.  They will share them and their followers will follow you.

Twitter is where people go to be mean.  Facebook is where people go to write long essays that no one reads.  Instagram is where people go to be affirmed.  So, always be affirming as you interact on Instagram.  It is a place to encourage.

Pay for targeted ads for special events.  It's cheaper and students notice.


1.  Be Consistent

2.  Provide Significant Value.

3.  Care About Your Audience.

4.  Engage in Conversations.

5.  Be Accessible.

6.  Make it About Them, Not You.

7.  Thous Shalt Never Spam....EVER!

8.  Always Be Listening.

9.  Great Content Builds Authority.

10. Never Underestimate the Importance of Integrity.

Ryan Scantling is the Baptist Campus Minister in Conway, Arkansas (University of Central Arkansas, Hendrix College, Central Baptist College)

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Quotes from College Ministers Fellowship

The College Ministers Fellowship held in Oxford, Mississippi at Ole Miss Baptist Student Center this year is one of my two favorite gatherings.  The other is the Summit, which is an every three year gathering of College Ministers.  I love the interaction, the idea sharing, the encouraging of one another and the just great things you here.  This year was a great balance of discussion from the Whiteboard Questions to some brief, very informal presentations by several.  Eating together is always a "relationship promoter". 

While I heard a ton of great things, some new ideas and a re-inforcement of what I think are necessary basics, here are some things someone said that stayed in my mind.  Sorry I cannot even give credit.

"When organizing your Leadership, here are two questions you should ask:

1.  What is your #1 priority?
-So, does our Leadership Team meet and build on that priority?
2.  Are there students that have a gift or passion that we ought to have them lead out in an area even if we have to create a spot for them to do so?"

"Stop being budget driven and be vision driven."

"If you have a Center, you should do video surveillance, for the protection of your students AND the protection of your ministry."
-Some shared they have expensive commercial type systems and other simply have used some of the cheaper home, self installed systems. 
-One example given was of someone indicating their car had been damaged at the Center and requesting payment from the ministry.  Video showed the car was damaged when they arrived.
-In these days of sexual mis-conduct accusations, video surveillance can be a protection for the College Minister and others involved in the ministry.
I (Arliss) think this is concern/suggestion, whatever that should be given much greater thought by individual ministries.  If YOU are falsely accused of inappropriate conduct, do you have anything to help protect you?

Coming over the next week or so will be some notes from some of the specific presentations.  Meantime, would you help spread the Blog, "10 Things Parents of a College Freshmen Need to Know" which is on my personal facebook page and on "College Ministry Resources by Arliss Dickerson" facebook page.

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available in eBook format for 99 cents each at  FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is available in paperback.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

College Ministry Position Available in South Carolina

The South Carolina Baptist State Convention is seeking a full time Baptist College Ministry Director for Florence, South Carolina (Francis Marion University and Florence/Darlington College).

The Ideal Candidate Will:

-Have three years experience in a full time collegiate ministry, student ministry, or young adult ministry role.

-Be proactive and have a track record of expanding ministry impact to connect more students with Christ, His salvation, and His mission.

-Be a disciple maker - both personally and through developing people and processes to lead ministries to make disciples.

-Live a life of Biblical integrity, joy, and fidelity to God and His church.

-Be a team builder with a track record of rallying others toward a common goal.

-Have completed training via seminary, internships, or apprenticeships to prepare him/her for ministry.

For more information or to submit a resume, contact Chad Stillwell, Director of Collegiate Ministry,

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available in eBook format for 99 cents each at  FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is available in paperback.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Protect Yourself and Your College Ministry

In this day with all of the awareness of child sex abuse in churches and the publicity given to places and Christian leaders who have not dealt with those issues correctly, this is a hot topic issue.  We need to make sure that we are doing what we can to see that children are protected, that our ministry and our own reputation are not destroyed.

John Moore, former leader of college ministry for Southern Baptists, is retired and living in Texas where he is doing a lot of supply or fill-in preaching.  In the Baptist Association where he lives, in order to be on their recommended list of supply preachers, you must have taken the one hour Ministry Safe program.  It is an on-line one hour training at

John recommended this to me and said this, "I believe that every Campus Minister needs to take this class and better learn how to protect themselves and their ministry.....If I were still a State Director (he formally led the BCM ministry in Louisiana), I would require it for each of our Campus Ministers.

The one hour on-line class costs $10 for a single user.  You will find other options for materials and further training there that have the cost listed, etc.  Can you afford NOT TO DO THIS TRAINING?

Thanks to John for this heads-up.  I am always open to all of you letting me know of resources and needs that we need to share across our network of College Ministers.  You can facebook me or email me at

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available in eBook format for 99 cents at  His book FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is available in paperback.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Last Call on the Bargain

The $3.99 reduced price on FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY at is ending this week.  At the end of the week, it is returning to its normal $4.99 price. 

Thanks to all who have found this to be a helpful tool in either revitalizing a struggling ministry or for those looking for ways to take their ministry to the next level.

Happy 4th of July to all!

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available in eBook format for 99 cents each at  FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is also available in paperback.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

An AWKWARD Blog Post!!

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is in the process of establishing and raising the money for an Endowed Chair of College Ministry.  What is awkward about writing about this is, that it is named after me.  This was a surprise announcement to me made at the National Collegiate Ministries Summit in Nashville about a year ago.  I am vain enough to be totally honored by this announcement.

What is unusual about this is, normally an endowed chair (which takes a lot of money) would be named after a famous preacher or a wealthy individual who had or was about to give the seminary a large sum of money.  I fit in neither of these categories.  When an Endowed Chair is named for a famous preacher, his many admirers, church, etc will give and the Chair is funded.  A case can be made that the position could have been named the Louie Giglio Chair for College Ministry.  Louie has spoken to thousands of college students and young adults.  Many would classify him as the number one influencer of faith among today's college and young adult generation. One offering at a Passion Conference could likely fund it.  Or, an argument could be made to name it the J. D. Greear Chair for College Ministry.  Greear is the pastor of a large church which is known for reaching college students and young adults.  Plus, he is one of the younger persons to be elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

So, why the Arliss Dickerson Chair for College Ministry and Discipleship?  Since I had no hand or knowledge of this decision prior to its announcement, I am sharing my thoughts...not my knowledge.  I believe it is the ultimate demonstration of what New Orleans Theological Seminary is doing in very quietly being involved in helping every day college ministry.  I have just returned from the annual meeting of the BCNet at the seminary campus, which is a gathering of multiple committees made of campus and church College Ministers who volunteer their time and efforts in furthering college ministry throughout North America and beyond. Part of the expense of that event is covered by the seminary.   The seminary sends faculty, at seminary expense, to speak at collegiate and College Minister events throughout the year and each year give some grants to local campus initiatives.  This is in addition to their college ministry track of classes offered.

I believe putting my every day, not famous College Minister's name on it.... illustrates  their everyday efforts to bless college ministry.  My name is there as a representative of every College Minister who does not get the recognition, appreciation and support they deserve.  You could substitute your name or the name of a College Minister that God used to bless your life and it would be EXACTLY appropriate.  

I have been told recently that no Southern Baptist seminary other than New Orleans is offering any specific college ministry courses.  If that is correct, that causes me great concern.  Every area of ministry has specific issues, skills, etc.  When we say we are losing this generation, that is not the best preparation for reaching college young adults.  

So, my point in this AWKWARD post is even MORE AWKWARD in that I believe for those of us who believe in the need for college ministry, we need to be helping to see that this Endowed Chair gets funded.  Someone asked if I knew some acquaintances who might give $10,000.  My response was, "Everyone I know fits in the $25 category."  Are there those we know who could potentially give significantly or is it simply a matter of all of us who can give $25 here and there doing it and keeping on?  This great cause (reaching college students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ) is what is involved here.  

If you do college ministry, I hope anytime you see a mention of this proposed chair that you will substitute your name there.....The ________________  Chair of College Ministry and Discipleship.  That will be ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!  Oh yeah, MAYBE mention it to some alums or parents who have a burden for reaching this generation?  And maybe even craziest of all,  write a $25 check or go on line and do it?  I am.....even though it is AWKWARD.  

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available for 99 cents each at  FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is available in paperback for $3.99.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Seasons of a Leader's Life

I have written and spoken a great deal about doing college ministry at various ages.  My latest Blog in that area, "What is the PERFECT Age to do College Ministry", continues to be one of my most read.  I have tried to speak against the idea that college ministry is just for the young or that you do it until you can get a church to pastor.  Since many, if not most, of the larger college ministries are led by seasoned veterans, there must be something to this idea that college ministry is not just an entry level position for ministry and we need people to serve for the long term.  Part of that is understanding what and how to do it at different ages.

I have just begun to read Jeff Iorg's book, SEASONS OF A LEADER'S LIFE.  Dr. Iorg is president of  Gateway Seminary (formally Golden Gate Seminary) and although I have only met and chatted with him briefly, I am a fan of his writing. Dr. Iorg says that there are three seasons for a leader:

LEARNING - "These emerging leaders recognize that their early years are primarily learning years....a time to gain information, solidify convictions, test theories, and practice skills."

LEADING - "While good leaders are always learning, at some point the primacy of the learning phase gives way to the reality of the leading phase.  Leading replaces learning as the main goal.  Leaders who paid attention during the learning phase now have resources to draw from to know what to do.  This longer season....sometimes decades the prime of a leader's life when their most significant contributions are made."

LEAVING A LEGACY - "Eventually, leaders recognize their time to lead is passing. The final phase of a leader's life, the final contribution, is formalizing a leadership legacy.  Your legacy is the wisom you have gained, the people you have influenced, and the convictions you modeled which inspire subsequent generations.  Leaving ia living legacy is more important than leaving a monument."

As part of Iorg's writing in each area is scripture from the life of Peter that examines leadership principles and what Peter's life teaches about leading.

If you like leadership, if you are continuing to try to utilize to the best possible extent the age or season you are, you will find this book very helpful.  I highly recommend it.

Arliss Dickerson is the author of five books on college ministry available in eBook format for 99 cents each at  FIXING A BROKEN COLLEGE MINISTRY is available in paperback for $3.99.